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Mobile App Development Service

There are millions of mobile applications on the App Store and Play Market. Mobile apps usage exploded on its way to becoming the majority of all digital media activity. It has became the primary communication method for individuals and organizations. It have completely transformed the way people live, communicate and work.

Our mobile app development team works with StartUps, SMBs and Established businesses to create mobile applications for the app store of your choice. We build native apps for Android, iOS, and Windows marketplaces.

Our team encompasses skilled Android and iPhone app developers whose talent and competence allow us to create functional apps and ensure the progress of your business.

GraphicxIT is an expert Mobile app development company that provides end-to-end solutions to all your iOS or android app development requirements. Need a mobile app for iOS or Android? GraphicxIT specializes in creating those as well. By all means, iPhone or Android app development requires skills that go beyond most developers’ capabilities. Our experts are ready to give you any kind of assistance in your idea realization – from determining what kind of software your customers want and to establishing your unique brand.

We are one of the leading renderers of iOS & android app development services that giveaway world-class results and helps in increasing revenue and profits for your enterprise. Our top-end services are best to meet business technical requirements of start-up, SME’s etc. At GraphicxIT you will find a skilled iOS & android app development team, that helps in reducing the cost and time invested in developing you robust iOS or android applications for your business to grow exponentially. We help you to transform your business life, we have a state-0f-the-art infrastructure and the leading technologies that make it all happen in one go.

Our principal direction is building of custom mobile applications for various industries. Taking all the peculiarities of your targeted audience into an account, we step by step create products that would meet your clients’ expectations. Knowledge of the entire potential allows us to develop powerful and interactive apps of any category as well as to provide the complete range of deployment activities.

You just do not create an app for its own sake. You solve a business problem, increase brand reach, enhance employee productivity, or just make the world a better place to live in. GraphicxIT has proved time and again its ability to enable our clients – both startups and established brands – to deliver game-changing value to their customers. We always make sure end users have exactly what they want, where and when they need it.

GraphicxIT designs and develops beautiful iPhone and Android apps with a focus on user experience, functional design and codebase performance. We deliver across a range of domains and mobile use cases, maintaining industry leadership.

GraphicxIT is well-versed in combining the best of native and HTML5/JavaScript worlds, tapping hybrid app development frameworks and technologies. Simple as that, we help companies launch apps faster and user-friendly than ever, while ensuring consistent value at every step of the app development lifecycle.

Our Mobile App Development Service includes:

  • Product Strategy
  • Roadmap
  • Concept
  • Scoping
  • User Experience
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • UI Design
  • API Development
  • Integration
  • Database Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Secure Architecture
  • Encryption
  • Assessment
  • Security Testing
  • Feature Usage
  • App Analytics
  • Tracking
  • App Store Analytics
  • Packaging
  • App Store Preparation
  • Submission
  • Feedback & Support
  • And Many More…

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