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YouTube has become the largest video platform on the net. YouTube marketing can be a great source for both branding and for lead generation. It boasts over one billion active users on the platform and brings together content creators from all around the world. It is an opportunity for any business to reach wider audiences with a marketing message that entices them into engagement.

YouTube marketing focuses on using a variety of strategies to reach audiences of popular creators on the platform. Whether it is through advertising, influencer marketing, or creating unique content to build a following, there are a number of different ways that YouTube marketing strategies an yield strong results.

It can help your business by producing high quality leads from buyers that have a direct interest in the product or service. It can also serve as a way to get the word out about your brand through producing powerful content that achieves success on the platform or leveraging the success of another creator’s channel to connect the brand with their audience.

Work with our team of professional marketing specialists, we can help you to create a custom made YouTube advertising campaign, that delivers a measurable return on investment for your business. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to expand your online presence, GraphicxIT is here to help you create the most effective YouTube advertising campaigns. We can help you to: create impactful video, reach the right target audience, and navigate complex metrics to help you accurately measure your success.

We don’t just produce video for the sake of producing video, and neither should you. Work with our expert videographers to create a YouTube ad that’s right for your video marketing campaign. From simple talking heads, to full scale miniature movies. We can help you produce content that will stand out, get results, and that your team will feel proud to be part of.

With more than a decade of professional digital marketing and video production experience, we are confident that whatever your goals or creative brief; we have the skills to deliver your project. Clear communication, planning and attention to detail are paramount when it comes to creating a successful video advert. We are a specialist online video marketing agency with a pricing model that reflects our unique place in the market and are confident that you won’t find a better service.

When you choose us, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we are experts in supporting services, like SEO, PPC and display advertising, which you are likely to need to produce a successful marketing campaign. We can help you create social media campaigns, creative copy, images and assets that will compliment your YouTube marketing. Our holistic approach means that you get everything you possibly need for a successful marketing campaign, all under one, friendly roof!

Over 2 billion people watch videos on YouTube every month. The opportunity for companies to reach their customers on the platform has never been greater. But taking a 30 second TV ad and putting it on YouTube rarely generates results. Creating ad campaigns for a specific audience is what works best. Watch what happens when you have our team working for you. You don’t need to know the nuances of YouTube. You have a complete team now at your disposal.

How-to and product review videos are some of the most watched content on YouTube. Adding video into your marketing strategy can expose your brand to millions of new customers. Combining Google Search & Display with YouTube is a powerful strategy that any company can execute. If they have the right partner. As luck would have it we’re pretty good at this, just put us to work.

You might be thinking of that you don’t have a video? Not too worry, we have you covered. We can help create the right type of video for your business and for YouTube. We know what works on YouTube and will ensure your ad encompasses these features. What makes this even better is we can repurpose these videos to remarket to those who have shown interest or interacted in some way with your business.

Our YouTube Marketing Service includes:

  • Outline your goals
  • YouTube channel Setup & Management
  • Video Creation
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Trending Marketing Trends
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Reputation Analysis
  • Video Channel Analysis & Recommendations
  • Existing Videos Analysis
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Baseline Ranking
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Video Title Optimization
  • Video Tags Optimization
  • Channel Tags Optimization
  • Suggestions for Video Cards and Other
  • Suggestions for Video Embedding
  • Article Writing and Submission
  • Embedding Videos in Articles/Blogs
  • Social Sharing or Videos and Blog
  • Embedding/Sharing Videos on QnA
  • Video Ad tracking & Reporting
  • Cross-channel tracking (to show impact on other channels)
  • Monitoring of Boosted Post Comments
  • Quick Customer Response Time
  • Weekly Call or Campaign Status Update
  • Standard Weekly Reporting & Analysis
  • Editorial calendar & content publishing tools
  • Standard monthly reporting & analysis
  • Network Setup & Optimization
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Advance Video Ad Placements & Management
  • Conversion Tracking Installation
  • Device Strategy
  • Seasonality
  • Previous & Current Marketing Activities
  • Advanced marketing technology
  • Internal Marketing Funnel Structure
  • CRM Integration With Website
  • Google Page Speed Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Landing Page A/B Testing
  • Multiple audience segmentation
  • Lead Quality Improvements
  • Business Page Cover Video & Optimization
  • And Many More..

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